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Defence Fund Contribution - Rates
Rates Details Individuals % Other Persons %

Interest [except interest accrued to any person
from the ordinary carrying on of his business, which is exempt); interest received by a Group Finance Company from its group company members (>50% directly or indirectly or exercise of control) is deemed as accrued from the ordinary carrying on of its business and therefore exempt]

30 30

Dividends received or deemed to be received from a company resident in Cyprus

Dividends received from abroad 17 17(1)

Interest from savings certificates and development stocks issued by the Government

3 30
Interest accrued from the provident fund 3
Profits of a Public Corporate Body 3

Rents (reduced by 25% instead of actual expenses)

3 3

(1) In the case that the dividends are received from a company where the shareholders hold directly at least 1% of the share capital, then the dividends are exempt from the payment of special contribution.

This exception does not apply if:

  • The company paying the dividend engages more than 50% in activities that lead to investment income, and
  • The foreign tax burden on the income of the company paying the dividend is substantially lower than the tax burden of the company that receives the dividend.

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